Neologism of the Day

When relieving oneself is no cause for relief, but, as a Merlot-to-Malbec discolouration makes itself stark against the porcelain, a cause for great concern. What?! Have I a UTI? Cystitis?! Then comes a realisation which brings in tow an awoken-from-nightmare-ish return to normocardia – Oh… right, I had some beetroot at dinner.

So, with your brow now clear of perspiration, and again much like on waking from a nightmare, you relate the abovementioned events to your buddy Joe… but, hold on… what’s the word for what just happened? You fumble awkwardly with “transient… hematomimetic… betaninuria-induced… anxiety…?”

But Joe’s got your back on this one. He places a reassuring arm about your shoulders, forms the kind of lips-shut-tight smile that hopes to soothe, “betaninuric anxiety disorder, yeah mate, it’s B.A.D.”

Are you writing the DSM-VI? Share your medical neologisms below!


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