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Collective Neologism of the Day


We’ve all been there, stuck, anomic, and ‘ummmmm’-ing, reaching desperately into the mnemonic depths of our skulls for a word which, as it turns out, just doesn’t exist – the collective noun for a group of collective nouns. ‘Terms of venery’ would cover the lion’s share of collective nouns, but this term lacks the intellectually onanistic aptness and concision of the starlings’ murmuration, or the owls’ parliament.

Let us put an end to all those awkward moments of dumb anomia – offer up your idea for a meta-collective-noun in the comments section below, and ‘like’ the submissions you… well, like, most. To the submitter of the most-‘liked’ post goes a completely unofficial and in no way legitimate certification of lexicography.

Let the coining begin…