a time for many words

Hello and welcome…


Hi, my name is Duncan.

I like literature, philosophy, and properly deployed Oxford commas.

Here, you will find a steadily growing collection of essays (to use the word as Montaigne intended, and therefore with no guarantee of success, only that j’essaie), belle-but-not-exactly-winning-beauty-pageants-lettres, and perhaps too some pieces which by virtue of their shapeless blueprint defy categorisation altogether!

As I am presently on the move, dossing about in Southeast Asia, this geography will no doubt make itself the subject of posts to come. If these entries don’t sate your wanderlust then I don’t know what will.

P.S. If ever my writing should approximate too closely purple prose, or evince navel contemplation, if ever it should seem self-indulgent or the product of bias, let me know – write a scathing un-take-back-able review in the comments section. The same goes for solecisms and usage errors and whatnot, but I won’t be so grateful for these comments.